adventures with microcomputers prototyping with raspberry pi

0. Project Proposals

You will be required to write a project proposal for each of the projects briefs you complete in this class. You can think of this as a tool to help organize your thoughts as you work through your ideas week-by-week. Project proposals will be treated as homework which you will be asked to edit and resubmit as your project evolves. Upon completion of a project you must also deliver every version of your proposal (labeled by date).

Proposal Format

Your proposal must contain the following components:

  • Title: giving your project a title sometimes helps you prioritize focusing on certain things over others. This may change throughout the completion of the project, but its a good way to give your work more orientation.

  • Inspiration / Background: where did your idea come from? Something you read, saw, or heard about? What lead you to this particular idea? What about this is interesting to you (specifically) and why?

  • Summary of the Experience: what is it? In other words, what happens? Is it a tool? An experience? If so, what kind of an experience? What about this do you think would be interesting to someone else (specifically) and why?

  • Bill of Materials: what do you need to make this project? How much will it cost? Everything in this class will use an Arduino (likely an Arduino Uno), so at the very least that should be mentioned in this section.

  • Supporting Media: what if someone wants to hear about this really interesting thing that you made/interaction you set up? If you were asked to send someone a short PDF (like this proposal!) and a few images, or a link to a video, etc., what would you include? It is okay for this to simply be sketches in the beginning.

Your proposals should be delivered as PDF files of approximately 1 to 2 pages in length. More specifically I am looking for a mixture of college-level writing (i.e. no spelling or grammar errors) broken into the categories listed above and whatever media documentation is necessary to illustrate your project (example: a rendering, a series of sketches, a link to a short video, etc.). Over the course of each project you will “fill in” parts of your proposal that are not yet complete/finalized.